About Us

The blockchain technology and the volatility of cryptocurrencies has led to a global interest in cryptoassets. Private organisations, individual investors, financial service firms, governments and regulatory bodies worldwide are taking note of this highly disruptive trend.

Sirius Coin offers the opportunity to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from international crypto exchanges.

Sirius Coin is the cryptocurrency cashpoint where you can execute your orders instantly at the best possible price with full transparency.

Our Services

Buy&Sell Cryptocurency with Cash

Buy crypto with cash and deposit it directly to your wallet or sell crypto and receive cash

OTC Service

Quickly trade large quantities of cryptocurrencies in a single trade. Save time and money

Blockchain Consulting

Our expert staff is happy to answer all of your questions and help you to integrate your current business with blockchain technology. Just pay us a visit

Swap Cryptocurrencies

Instantly swap one cryptocurrency for another. Simple and secure

How It Works

  • Visit us

    Visit the nearest Sirius Coin Branch/Partner
  • Trade

    Process your buy/sell transaction in person
  • Confirm

    Confirm that the crypto/cash amount is correct
  • All done!

    Congratulations! Your transaction is complete. it’s simple, fast, and secure
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